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Digital Library of India (DLI) is a digital collection of freely accessible rare books collected from various libraries in India. DLI project started in early 2000 with the vision to archive all the significant literary, artistic and scientific works of mankind and to preserve digitally and make them available freely for every one over Internet for education, study, appreciation and for future generations.

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  1. We pay around Rs 40 per day for our hosting expenses, it takes around 1GB data bandwidth per day to support this website. Version 6.0.x onwards, all user search queries are executed on our hosted server (to make it hassle free and fast to users), but that takes toll on our cpu and pocket.
  2. We are looking forward to enable OCR in English and Hindi pdf’s to support ebook search by their content (to whatever extent it is readable), but we need funds to make it happen.
  3. There is a continuous work for bug fixes, enhancements and user support issues, its all managed by single developer (tool owner). Funds can help here too, at least for paying the internet bills.

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