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Digital Library of India (DLI) is a digital collection of freely accessible rare books collected from various libraries in India. DLI project started in early 2000 with the vision to archive all the significant literary, artistic and scientific works of mankind and to preserve digitally and make them available freely for every one over Internet for education, study, appreciation and for future generations.

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Fast Tool to Download books in PDF from Digital Library of India (DLI Downloader)

Digital Library Of India [] hosts tens of thousands of copyright © freed scanned books in English and Indian Languages for public access. Unfortunately this website does not provide any mechanism to download the entire e-book in any format. DLI-downloader provides a smooth and hassle free interface to all DLI servers which allows you to search and downloads the eBooks right from the Tool.

Digital Library of India

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Key Features of this Tool

  1. Search/Download/Open DLI eBooks in PDF Format for free right within the Tool!
  2. Load balancing your download from multiple dli-servers for better speed.
  3. 100% Network Fault Tolerance - Downloads will not fail if the internet connection is disrupted, dli-downloader will silently wait for the connection restore.
  4. Queue Upto 100 of your e-book barcodes and this tool will download them silently for you over the time (batching of downloads).
  5. Option to control the download bandwidth of the tool so that it does not eat up all the data alone.
  6. Bulk download barcodes by providing the text file which contains all the requested barcodes delimited by the newline, comma or semicolon
  7. Upon application shutdown, it will save the queued up barcodes so that the downloads can be started again on next launch
  8. Application can minimize to the System Tray and thus keep running in background
  9. Works well on the Windows 7/8 PC, Ubuntu 12.10 and Mac, on both x86 and x64 OS’es
  10. Above all, everything is for Free !!

Downloading Books from DLI using DLI Downloader

Video - Working of DLI Downloader

Introduction to DLI Downloader

Video - DLI Downloader Introduction

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